Calf and kangaroo £ 1200
Cordovan horse and eel £ 1400
Stingray and snake £ 2000
Ostrich £ 2300
Crocodile £ 3000

Each pair of shoes comes with a pair of shoe bags, shoelaces, a pair of shoe trees, shoe horn, brush and a tin of high quality polish included free of charge.

Please note that prices for ladies’ shoes may vary from the list prices above.

Lime wood shoe trees £ 80
Pure silk hand painted shoe bags (pair) £ 120
Embroidered shoe bags (pair) £ 60
Handmade natural shoe horn £ 20
Horsehair brush £ 20
Leather combinations and especially requested shoe designs are subject to conditions at your request.
Repairs are undertaken subject to conditions at your request, also.